Author Jay Kolo

Known for his unique and to the point style of writing and speaking Jay Kolo came to know himself the hard way. Over two decades of bottles, cans and alcoholic bliss came crashing down on top of Jay one night as his unstoppable desire to drink backed him into an inescapable corner. A man with twisted, torn and unrealized emotions best described Jay. Confusion, anger and depression caused by an affinity for getting drunk and staying drunk. That affinity nearly killed him. That day was August 10, 1995.

Today with 17 years away from the bottle this husband, father, author, public speaker and master photographer delivers thought provoking speeches from the heart designed to enlighten, inspire and empower. Jay's speeches along with his seven books are memorable and life changing.

Jay also attempts to understand and challenge the behaviors that often torture those who break away from the miserable grip of alcohol and drugs. Food, sex and anger, are just a few of the destructive behaviors that push one back into a relationship with the poison of their past.

Jay Kolo is a man with a multi-faceted creative ability who has taken on his demons and walked away with the desire to share his experiences by way of those creative abilities.

Welcome to the world of Jay Kolo. A world of verbal and written communication that stir the senses, seek reaction and promote permanent healing. A world where having the curiosity and courage to explore the dark corners of one's mind often leads to permanent change and an escape from a painful past.

Jay Kolo is a regular contributor to the Serene Scene, a magazine for long-term healthy lifestyles of recovery. Click here to read the latest publication.

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