Forbidden book cover

In an attempt to understand and provoke how and why we act, at times, like we do, I bring you "Forbidden." It is my hope you will come to know yourself as you tumble though the pages of this book. It is my belief that by observing others a great deal can be learned about ourselves, our habits and patterns.

It is these habits and patterns that often are the dividing line between joy and the upper echelon of hell. Someone once said, "Temptation resisted shows the true character of a man". These are words well taken, but very difficult to live by.

Several years ago when I said my final goodbyes to alcohol I was bombarded by a whole new collection of self destructive behaviors. Behaviors that had to be acknowledged accepted and challenged if I were to remain sound and sober.

While I do not profess to be perfect I do know that when I face difficulty head on it brings with it an emotional collision. Once the dust of the mind has settled I find myself to be stronger and more perceptive for having gone through the pain of the ordeal in the first place. Prayer, honesty and positive thought have long since been my savior.

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