Knee Deep in Prayer
Knee Deep in Prayer book cover

A collection of short stories, poems & inspirational messages for those seeking recovery from the grip of alcoholic addiction.

HELLO, MY NAME IS JAY AND I'M AN ALCOHOLIC... I'm also a regular person just like you. I have good days and bad days, sad times and not so sad times, great times and not so great times. I have experienced the pain of loss. I have also experienced the frustration of wasted opportunity. Loss of time has put a damper on many of my dreams. I can at times have a temper. I can at times be kind hearted. I am a father, best friend and a husband. I am a son and a brother. My life can sometimes be smooth and very enjoyable ... even if only for a short while.

I am truly grateful for everything that I have today. However, just a few short years ago my life was in denial and my existence threatened until one especially dark night out of desperation I discovered the power of prayer.

If you are interested in learning more please join me into a journey of an unknown. That unknown is prayer and faith. It is the practice of daily prayer that has taken me from darkness, shame and self-pity to a life filled with peace, clarity and gratitude. The power of prayer has blessed me with the ability to remain sober and build a life that nine years ago I could not even have fantasized while under the influence.

So please read on and discover what a spiritual influence prayer can and will have in your life.

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